Talava Arches

See one of Niue’s most treasured natural landmarks and marvel at the power of the Pacific Ocean on the limestone core of the island.

Talava Arches is a formation of weathered limestone rock in Hikutavake, where fascinating tunnels and fang-like points have been carved by the elements over the centuries. Gaze up from beneath the colossal limestone arch shape and spot flashes of color in the rock pools below as schools of tropical fish dart around.

Explore the yawning caves that have been hollowed out of the exposed cliff faces. You’ll see long stalactites and stalagmites, as well as intriguing formations caused by seawater and rain reacting with the layers of limestone.

Returning into the sunlight, you’ll see a series of giant arch-like bridges that connect the tops of the cliffs to the water’s edge. Created by the surge of the ocean, these fascinating structures are mottled with beautiful patterns, which is the effect of the elements slowly eroding the stone.

It is best to visit the Talava Arches at low tide. At this time, you can explore further into the beautiful exposed reef. Spot colorful sponges and multihued coral formations in the clear waters of the tide pools. You might see an array of marine creatures, including scuttling crabs and crayfish. Bring your swimsuit so you can cool off in the sheltered waters of Matapa Chasm nearby.

The Talava Arches are located on the northern coast of Niue. You can reach the geological wonder by driving to Hikutavake, which is 10 minutes from Alofi. Walk for approximately 30 minutes along a stunning tropical forest trail before reaching the coast. Some parts of the trail, reef and caves may be sharp underfoot, so wear sturdy shoes. Your shoes might get wet as you hop between rock pools. The weather can become hot and humid, so be sure to bring plenty of drinking water for the trek and your day in Hikutavake.

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