Tromso Cathedral (Tromso Domkirke)

This 19th-century wooden Protestant cathedral is highly regarded for its Gothic Revival architecture, imposing bell tower and striking interior artwork.

Notice the exquisite stained-glass windows as you enter the beautiful Tromsø Cathedral. Admire the open wooden interior and the stunning replica painting of Christ’s resurrection by Norwegian romantic painter Adolph Tidemand. This great church is one of the largest wooden cathedrals in Norway.

The site of the Tromsø Cathedral has hosted multiple churches, with the first dating back to the 13th century. The present structure was built about 150 years ago and designed by notable Norwegian architect Christian Heinrich Grosch. This historic building still operates as a Protestant church; however, it is open for the public to visit and pray.

The Tromsø Cathedral is a short walk from the center of Tromsø and is also near a number of other attractions, including the Arctic Cathedral. This parish church is about 2 miles (3 kilometers) from the Tromsø Cathedral. Admire the Arctic Cathedral’s revolutionary architecture, inspired by the Arctic wilderness.

Modern Norwegian architect Jan Inge Hovig designed the Arctic Cathedral, regarded as his most famous work. See the 11 aluminum-coated concrete panels that form the church’s arcs. Admire the glass mosaic on the eastern side of the church, added after its completion and depicting God’s hand and Jesus Christ. Stunning prism chandeliers and rich oak pews adorn the interior. View the church’s organ, built in the French Romantic tradition.

The Tromsø Cathedral is a short walk from Polaria, an aquarium and marine education center. Watch a bearded seal feeding session, led by the center’s trainers. Polaria also features a panoramic cinema, showing short films on the northern lights phenomenon and the remote glacier terrain, Svalbard.

Find both cathedrals just a short walk from the center of Tromsø. The Tromsø Cathedral and the Arctic Cathedral are working churches, so may not accept visitors during special events, such as weddings. Visit the official websites to request tours.

Tromsø Cathedral is one of the northernmost Protestant cathedrals in the world and is remarkable for its largely wooden construction and beautiful interior design.

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