Tromso University Museum

See interactive exhibits, wander through exotic botanical gardens and learn about Norway’s polar seafaring tradition in the departments of this exceptional museum.

Tromsø University Museum, the largest museum north of the Arctic Circle, consists of four departments open to the public. Visit the Tromsø Museum department and discover displays on the Samis, the indigenous Finno-Ugric people residing in the Arctic area of Sápm. Wander through the Arctic-Alpine Botanical Gardens and learn how these gardens function during the summer’s midnight sun phenomenon. See the MS Polstjerna, a seafaring hunting vessel.

The Tromsø Museum features a special interactive northern lights exhibit. See this captivating natural wonder year-round in the museum’s innovative plasma chamber. Learn how northern Norway’s sky explodes with colorful lights in the wintertime via interactive models in the northern lights exhibit.

The Arctic-Alpine Botanical Gardens are renowned for collections of flora unique to polar regions. These remarkable gardens also include international plant and flower species, including the beautiful Himalayan blue poppy and the New Zealand buttercup. The gardens are open every day and can be accessed at any time of day. Visit in early spring to see the flowers blossom as the snow melts.

View the MS Polstjerna (Polar Star), a preserved seal-hunting vessel, dating back to the peak of Norway’s polar hunting expeditions. It operated for more than three decades and is famous for bringing back almost 100,000 seals. Learn more about Norway’s seafaring and polar bear trapping heritage at the Polar Museum. 

The Tromsø Museum is located about 2 miles (3 kilometers) from the center of Tromsø and is open every day. The three other departments are a short distance from the city center. Check official websites for information on admission fees and temporary exhibits.

Visiting Tromsø University Museum’s four public branches is the perfect way to explore the city and learn about Norway’s rich cultural history.

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