Tropaeum Traiani

Celebrate Roman Emperor Trajan’s victory in the Battle of Adamclisi at this inspiring reconstruction of a shrine that served as a warning to opposition.

The monument of Tropaeum Traiani is a replica of a second-century statue standing out as a tall and imposing feature against a rural backdrop. It commemorates a famous battle victory and is dedicated to the Roman god, Mars Ultor. Take a guided tour of the large shrine and its museum to learn about archeological relics from almost two millennia ago.

While much of the monument is part of a recent reconstruction, the footpath and base are original. Inspect the various rectangular replicas of symbols, known as metopes, engraved on the monument to tell stories from the battle and the Roman era. They feature images such as the fallen bodies of the Dacian army, the triumphant posture of Emperor Trajan and victorious Romans.

The statue itself consists of a round base made from gray bricks supporting a large trophy that extends upward. In the museum, admire the intricate details of parts of the trophy including the head of Medusa.

See the remnants of a square altar that contains the names of 3,800 soldiers who perished in battle. Browse the list of Roman names and imagine their heroics and tragic ends. Visit the unearthed tomb of a Roman general north of the monument.

Make your way to the museum to see artifacts from the initial site. Peruse the 48 preserved metopes and marvel at their originality and detail. Another of the recovered symbols is now in a museum in Istanbul. From the original monument, only a small mound survived the ravages of time. It was fully reconstructed in 1977.

See Tropaeum Traiani 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) north of the center of Adamclisi. It is a 30-minute walk or 5-minute car journey to the impressive monument. Miles of agricultural fields surround the site, which is just east of the small settlement of Urluia.

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