Villa Puccini

Experience the intimate atmosphere of the lakeside home where one of Italy’s great composers produced many of his greatest works.

Visit the home of a beloved musical genius at Villa Puccini. Wander through the rooms where Puccini created great works such as La Bohème, Tosca and Madama Butterfly.

The great Italian composer Giacomo Puccini moved his family to the town of Torre del Lago in 1891. He had an old watchtower converted into a home surrounded by the natural beauty of glassy Lake Massaciuccoli and the serenity of the region.

Today, the house is a museum, with beautifully preserved interiors showcasing antique furniture, artworks and Puccini’s piano, as well as the table on which he wrote his scores. While the hearts of classical music lovers will swell with the proximity to such a master, it’s not necessary to be familiar with Puccini’s work to appreciate the villa. Villa Puccini is a pastel-colored house with shuttered windows and a garden full of brightly colored flowers. See how people lived in Italy at the turn of the 20th century.

Puccini did his own interior decorating so you can see and feel his influence in every room of Villa Puccini. Enter the bedroom where he and his wife Elvira slept to see their antique brass bed. See the room dedicated to hunting equipment, or look at the tires of antique cars as you explore the premises. Gaze at family portraits to get an intimate glimpse into the famous composer’s life. Beside the house is a chapel, where Puccini was laid to rest in 1926.

Register for a 40-minute guided tour through the house. Only small groups are permitted, so the rooms will not be crowded and the pace will be pleasant. Opening hours change during Torre del Lago’s annual Puccini Festival, so check the villa’s comprehensive website for accurate times. During the festival, enjoy a live performance in the outdoor theater next to the house. Villa Puccini is closed on Monday mornings, as well as Christmas Day and an admission fee applies for entrance. Parking is available on site.

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