Walking Street

From international restaurants to late night go-go clubs, Pattaya’s most famous road should be your first stop if you’re looking to party.

Take a seat in a street-side restaurant and watch the passing parade as visitors from all over the world wander Walking Street, dazzled by the neon lights, constant thump of music, and the scantily clad bar girls who attempt to entice them into their clubs. Enjoy a seafood meal, or sample the wares from one of the many street carts, which offer everything from traditional pad thai to more unusual specialties such as fried grasshopper and silkworm. As the evening lights up, take your pick from the kaleidoscope of entertainment on offer. Cheer along ringside at a Thai boxing match or dance into the early hours in one of the many nightclubs. If you like your entertainment a little more risqué then a number of cabaret and go-go shows will be sure to please. 

This mile-long stretch of road is where Pattaya’s reputation as one of Asia’s most exciting party destinations was forged, a reputation upheld by the large and ever-changing number of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and massage parlors. 

Although called Walking Street, it is only closed to motor traffic from early evening until the early hours of the morning. Whether you plan to indulge wholeheartedly in the street’s various delights, or just sample a voyeuristic glimpse of the action, the hours between dusk and dawn are certainly the time to see Walking Street in all its raucous, neon glory. Restaurants are better earlier in the evening, while many of the night clubs don’t really get going until after midnight. 

As with any area renowned for lively night-life, there have been problems in the past with pickpockets as well as scams where bars or taxis will try and overcharge for drinks or entry. Stay aware, keep smiling, and make sure your communication is clear and you should avoid these problems. 

You’ll find parking at the southern end of the Walking Street. Otherwise, taxis and scooters wait at either end of the street to take you back to your hotel.

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