West Dennis Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Dennis, this part of Cape Cod is vast and has the perfect weather for a range of land-based and offshore activities. 

West Dennis Beach has all the features you would expect in an idyllic summer location, along with plenty of space and great winds. Bring your own kite or sailboard and take advantage of the breeze. Ski through aquamarine wakes. When you’re done frolicking in the warm water, come back inland for a picnic on the shore and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Participate in your favorite beach activities all day. West Dennis Beach is great for windsurfing, body surfing or vigorous swimming because it doesn’t have a significantly low tide. Stay here all day or switch to this beach once other beaches begin experiencing low tide.

You’ll generally find gentle waters at West Dennis Beach. Send your children off to explore the warm, clear waters at the shoreline or let them have fun at the on-site playground. Snorkel through the light blue waters and enjoy the warmth of the sun on your back.

Crowds at West Dennis Beach are rare. The scenic walk along the beach is a trail that locals prefer for reflective moments away from their normal routines. The white sands and empty skylines in this place extend for miles, providing a wonderful feeling of solitude. Enjoy your own walk toward the sunset at dusk or take a seat in the morning and watch as the sun rises slowly from behind the beach.

In addition to the usual range of activities you might find at the beach, West Dennis is also known for its great birding. Observe as a herring gull swoops down on a catch in the water. Be still and wait for an owl to land near you.

While you’re at West Dennis Beach, be sure to visit the Bass River Lighthouse, now known as the Lighthouse Inn. Located 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) east on the shore, this historic lighthouse is an essential part of any visit to Cape Cod. Stay in nearby accommodations for an extended visit to explore this wonderful section of the Massachusetts shoreline.

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