Zakir Rose Garden

Smell the heady scents and admire the colors of a vast collection of rose species that fill this beautiful garden.

View thousands of multicolored scented rose plants when you spend some time in the Zakir (Hussain) Rose Garden. Also on display in one of the largest rose gardens in Asia are medicinal trees and plants.

The garden was created in 1967 and is named after Zakir Hussain, a former president of India. Its presence in central Chandigarh was intended to create a quiet haven for relaxation and reflection away from the urban bustle. Wander through more than 40 acres (16 hectares) of grounds to experience a serene natural experience in a city famed for its gardens.

Your walk will take you along a network of paths that lead to areas filled with hundreds of rose bushes. Spot pink Carolinae roses from North America and native white Bracteatae roses among more than 800 varieties in the park. In total, there are more than 32,000 plants. Listen to the sound of the wind-chime tree, a tall structure made entirely of wind chimes.

Aside from roses, the garden features a number of medicinal plants. Spot the vivid yellow gulmohar, the leaves of which are used as an antihistamine. Look at the fruit of the bahera tree, which is ground into a paste that soothes skin irritations.

Bring a picnic and find a quiet area by one of the garden’s ponds. The fountains, birds and weeping willow trees give these spaces a delightfully calm atmosphere.

Visit the garden during the Rose Festival in February to see the grounds at their liveliest. Rose displays arranged by artisans are complemented by folk dances, musical shows, joy rides and exhibitions by local painters. Another great time to be here is in March when the roses are in full bloom. No matter when you come, allow at least a couple of hours to explore.

Find the Zakir (Hussain) Rose Garden in Chandigarh's sector 16, just next to the city’s major commercial zone. Reach the gardens on foot from central Chandigarh or via a taxi, rental car or rickshaw if you are traveling from farther afield.

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