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Your Adventure Vacation

White-knuckle-ride through the wonders of the world on action-packed adventure getaways. The best adventure vacations whisk you through the wide-open wilderness, over majestic peaks, and through fantastic fjords. All you need to do is choose your dream destination, pack your bags, and set off on your outdoor vacation. For epic adventure vacation ideas, consider Cuba. Trek, cycle, climb, and kayak your way across this Caribbean country. Or for an adventurous affair in colder climes, hunt out an Alaskan adventure vacation package.

What is an adventure tourism package?

The short answer: adventure. Build your own adventure package by booking your flights, accommodation, and airfare all together—and save dollars to top up the excitement with extra excursions and activities. Up the fun by booking an all-inclusive family adventure vacation, a safari, perhaps, or ski passes for the entire clan. Though you’re unlikely to find both in the same place, we have some out-there experiences right here.

Top destinations for Adventure Vacations

Find fun with adventure vacations in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a popular destination for adventure vacation travelers looking for unforgettable thrills. Despite its size, Costa Rica is incredibly biologically diverse, so you can trek through rainforests, beaches, and even volcanoes. Guided excursions are available as well that will outfit you with all the equipment you need in many cases.

Experience thrills on Caribbean adventure vacations

The Caribbean is known mainly for its beaches, and that's where most of the adventure vacations are as well. Instead of swimming or surfing, however, more adventurous travelers may want to explore underneath the waves. Diving spots are available throughout virtually all islands in the Caribbean, and you'll find shipwrecks, reef formations, and fascinating marine life among them.

Head south to Mexico for adventure vacations

Adventure vacations in Mexico can come in several different forms. You can hike long distances to preserved historic sites that will make you feel as if you're stepping back in time. Additionally, you'll find numerous beaches along the coast with one-of-a-kind diving opportunities that will have you exploring underwater attractions like reefs and shipwrecks.

Enjoy fun with adventure vacations in Florida

An adventure vacation in Florida can come in many forms. Watersports are especially popular in the state, so it's commonplace for travelers to try things like parasailing and surfing here for the first time. Additionally, you can enjoy the thrills of zip lining as well as high-speed roller coasters at the theme parks in Orlando.

Trek the mountains of Colorado on an adventure vacation

Colorado is home to all sorts of adventure vacations, but most involve the mountains. Winter visitors may be more interested in skiing, but outside of the snow season, the mountains offer perfect hiking opportunities. Once you reach the peak of some local mountains, you'll be met with picturesque views that simultaneously capture the charming local towns and impressive natural features of this western state.

Travel north for adventure vacations in Alaska

Adventure in the state of Alaska can be fun for beginners and seasoned explorers. When you're looking for an adventure vacation here, you can expect plenty of hiking and biking opportunities through dense forests. You can also head north to see the iconic Northern Lights illuminate the night sky in bright colors.

Find endless fun on adventure vacations in Texas

Texas is one of the best destinations for an adventure vacation that keeps you having fun. You'll find plenty of opportunities to get some adrenaline pumping whether you're looking for theme parks or zip lines. You'll find watersports by the coast and hiking and biking opportunities farther inland in the countryside and near the big cities.

Explore Iceland on adventure vacations

Known as the land of ice and fire, Iceland lets adventure vacation travelers explore glaciers and volcanoes on a relatively small island nation. Plus, you can enjoy the Northern Lights above, along with nighttime hikes and natural pools with warm spring water perfect for relaxing. Plus, you'll find a bit of river rafting and horseback riding as well.

Your adventure vacation FAQs answered

Why should I book an adventure vacation?

There’s nothing quite like the white-knuckle wonder of an adventure vacation. Don’t pack your slippers; these are trips for the pulse-racers, adrenaline chasers and fear facers. Get your heart racing and create memories to last a lifetime with 10 of the world’s most exciting adventures.

What are some of the best adventure trips I can book?

An adventure vacation can be anything from an off-the-beaten-path road trip to a serious hiking expedition. Kayak through white waters, dive the depths of the ocean, or trek across the seven wonders of the world. Find your perfect adventure among our top ten bucket list trips.

Can I book family adventure trips?

Epic family adventure vacations are all about having fun. Ranching isn’t just for cow-dads, get the whole brood in britches and recreate the wild west. Or, swap the saddle for the Serengeti for a safari adventure you’ll never forget.

Where are the best places for a kayaking vacation?

Gain a new perspective on an awesome kayaking adventure. Slalom shoulder to shoulder with the harbor seals along Maine’s rocky scenic coast. Or grab an oar and explore the majesty of the Grand Canyon from water level.

What are the best adventure vacations for couples?

Three’s a crowd, two’s a couples adventure vacation. Feel the ferocity of forgotten lands among the remote volcanic outcrops of Fiji. Roam closer to home and couple up in Cuba. Or say ‘ski-doo’ on a romantic adventure across the Canadian Rockies.

How can I find the best deals on adventure vacation packages?

Scroll through our latest deals to spot your ultimate adventure vacation package. Or choose your own adventure: just enter your desired destination and travel dates, then sort by deals.

What are some of the best adventure vacations in the USA?

Welcome to the United States of Adventure. The force of the Old Faithful geyser will blow you away at America’s most famous national park, Yellowstone. Or for a wildlife focused adventure, head to Alaska’s Brooks Falls to count the hairs on a grizzly bear’s back—you might even spot the northern lights, too.

How can I plan the perfect adventure getaway?

There’s much to consider before embarking on any adventure. Pack the right gear for the conditions, plan an itinerary that your whole group can grasp, and make sure you’re insured for any out-of-the-ordinary adventures.

Can I book an adventure vacation package with free cancellation and/or flexible dates?

Even the best-laid plans from the world’s top adventurers are subject to change. Why would yours be any different? Filter your search by payment option to see what flexible plans are on offer. Sign into your itinerary or visit our Customer Service Portal for more information.

Why should I book an adventure trip with Expedia?

Accommodation, airfare, adventure. All in one place. Build an extreme Expedia escape without so much as lacing up your walking boots.