Alicante Town Hall

Still the home of the Alicante civic life, this landmark structure is a superb example of 18th-century baroque architecture.

Alicante’s historic town hall is one of the most recognizable buildings in the city. Also known as Ayuntamiento, the hall was built on the site of the former Casa de la Ciudad (town hall). The building’s two towers are 165 feet (41 meters) tall and loom over Alicante’s Old Town. 

Inside, notable features are two decorated rooms and a small chapel just as picturesque as the exterior. Many of the interior walls are adorned with paintings by influential local artists. The newest part of the town hall holds the offices of the city council as well as a permanent exhibition on the archaeological digs of the region. 

Upon entering the town hall, notice the metal markers on the staircase in front of you. The base of the staircase is at sea level, and as you climb you’ll see markings indicating the height of Spain’s major urban centers. Continue to the top of the main staircase inside the hall to reach the Salon Azul, or Blue Lounge. It’s decorated in the Isabelino style and features works by Padilla and Castello on its walls. The nearby Salón de Plenos plays host to regular meetings of council members, and can be visited when not occupied. The third room in the main building is a chapel, where regular masses are held.

Make your way to the exhibition entitled La Ciudad Descubierta, the City Uncovered, a fascinating exhibition that explores the archaeological sites of the area. A number of rare photographs and illustrations are included, as well as information in both Spanish and English.

The Alicante Town Hall is located in the center of the Old Town, and is best reached on foot from most areas of town. Taxis are also frequent in the area. Parking is difficult to find so driving is best avoided. The town hall can be visited each morning, but La Ciudad Descubierta is closed on weekends. Both are free of charge.

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