Altamira Square

An attractive plaza known for its towering obelisk is a popular venue for festivals, open-air concerts and political demonstrations.

Altamira Square is one of the most photographed landmarks in Caracas, for its 79-foot (24-meter) high obelisk, water mirror and fountain. The attractive plaza is a popular recreation space where people come to walk, relax and catch up with friends.  Occasionally, it’s a focal point for political rallies.

Walk around the square and delight in its features. Bring your camera with you to photograph the obelisk. Frame one of the shots with the El Avila mountain range in the background. In front of the tall column are fountains and a statue of the Virgin Mary. Make a point of coming back to the square at night to see the obelisk illuminated with the colors of the Venezuelan flag.

Go over to the water mirror that sends water gushing down a wide channel to the square’s lower level where there is a small shopping center. Stroll by trees and the symmetrical patches of grass.

Buy an ice cream from one of the street vendors and sit on a bench to appreciate the atmosphere and the views. There are always people walking through the square. The summer evenings attract the largest crowds, especially if there is an open-air concert. The square also hosts a number of other public events throughout the year including book fairs and food festivals. 

When you are ready to leave, stop by one of the nearby cafés and restaurants for a drink or a meal.  

Altamira Square is located in the east of Caracas, about 3 miles (5 kilometers) from the city center. It sits in the heart of the wealthy Altamira neighborhood and is bordered by major traffic arteries. Parking spaces in the immediate vicinity are very difficult to come by, however, there is a metro station directly on the square. You can also arrive by bus and taxi. You may hear locals referring to the open space as Plaza Francia, which is its official name.

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