Anrakuji Temple

Enjoy a sense of serenity, historic architecture and breathtaking views at this traditional Buddhist temple in the centre of Toi.

Visit the Anrakuji Temple to experience a traditional temple from the Soto tradition. This is a wonderful setting for reflection, regardless of faith, and provides spectacular views of the village and Suruga Bay.

Walk to Anrakuji Temple from the centre of Toi to explore the quiet streets that surround the area. The temple is immediately recognizable by its traditional thatched roof gate that stands at the end of one of Toi’s main streets.

Ancient trees hang low over the roads and young families can be seen playing in the nearby playgrounds. At first sight, the temple seems small but as you get closer it appears to shoot up from the ground until its high pointed roof looms over you. Continue under the wooden entrance gate to explore the tranquil temple grounds and admire the traditional Japanese architecture of the structure. 

In early April, the trees around the temple explode with blossoms, making for great photographs. Climb the stairs that lead to the cemetery above the temple to discover sweeping views of Suruga Bay and Toi village.

The area around Anrakuji Temple was the site of much gold mining during Japan’s mining years and a deep cave once used by miners leads to one of the Izu Peninsula’s most beautiful springs. Duck your head to enter the low tunnel that leads to the sacred hot spring. In a town that has become famous for its hot spring resorts, the warm waters at Anrakuji Temple offer a more traditional and spiritual approach to the experience. 

Anrakuji Temple can be reached by car or bus from nearby Tokai in approximately 45 minutes. Free car parking is available on-site. Those staying in Toi can reach the temple easily on foot or by bicycle. Anrakuji Temple is open daily and an admission fee applies.

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