Enjoy stunning views of this roaring waterfall or cast a line and hook a sizable trout in the river that courses through pine forest and farmland in Maalselv.

The Bardufossen is a tumbling waterfall splashing over jagged rocks and churns into the Bardu River near Moen, Maalselv. Hike through dense pine forest to reach this stunning cascade and admire the power of its whitewater currents. The river is best known for its trout and char and is a popular fly-fishing spot. Pack a picnic and your fishing gear and prepare to spend an afternoon relaxing near the riverside.

The Bardu River flows from a lake in Inner Troms called Altevatn. It feeds the surrounding farmland before hitting the rugged rocks at the cascade’s precipice. While the Bardufossen does not reach the heights of some of Norway’s glacially carved cascades, its low-tumbling cauldrons of whitewater and vast open expanse provide impressive beauty.

Set up your fly-fishing gear and try your luck at hooking some trout or char. Catching a trout weighing over 4.5 pounds (2 kilograms) is fairly common. The water’s pristine state means that fish caught in this stream are in beautiful condition. You can also fish here during the winter months. Book an ice-fishing trip with a tour operator and learn about the region’s ancient tradition of carving a niche in the frozen plumes of water and sinking a hook into the running stream below.

If you want to catch salmon, head downstream to the Maalselv River, which has one of Europe’s longest salmon ladders to aid the fish in swimming upstream.

Bardufossen is located opposite the bridge that crosses the Bardu River, a short distance from Bardufossen Airport. Drive from the township of Heggelia to the waterfall in about 10 minutes, circling the airport. Ensure you have paid Norway’s fishing license fees at one of the major towns before casting a line. The waterfall is open to visit at any time for free. Another of northern Norway’s waterfalls, Maalselvfossen, is less than a 10-minute drive east. Add these two stunning waterfalls to your fishing tour or scenic road trip through northern Norway.

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