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The spectacular, rugged beauty of the Aran Islands is just one stop on the rollercoaster ride that is the scenic driving route of the 'Wild Atlantic Way' that allows you to take in all that the west coast of Ireland has to offer from West Cork to Donegal.

You’ll need to leave your rental car to visit the Aran Islands as there are only passenger ferries or small flights that can take you there. Once you’ve admired the dramatic cliffs, explored the ancient sites, and maybe even got in a scuba dive or two, there will be plenty more to see on the road ahead.

Car rental really does open up Ireland to you and the west coast is made to explore by car. The tourist route up the west coast includes 157 'Discovery Points', but you are sure to find plenty unmarked discoveries of your own.

From the city delights of Cork to the rugged isolation of the Aran Islands there seems to be a world of difference, but you can get the best of both worlds as you cruise the coast by car.

Historic castles, isolated beaches, market towns, verdant landscapes, farmhouses, the music of Galway Bay and much more besides all await your exploration.

The trouble is tearing yourself away from the magnetic charms of places like the Aran Islands to get to the next ‘Discovery Point’.

But that is the definition of a great break, isn’t it? Having just too much to fit in.

So pick up that rental car and see just how much you can achieve.

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