Catena Zapata Winery

Taste award-winning wines and tip your glass to the Catena family at one of the world’s leading wineries, famous for its high altitude and Malbec vintages.

Discover high-altitude wine at the Bodega Catena Zapata, a family-owned vineyard and winery at the foot of the Andean mountains. Taste complex reds and fruity whites, which have been carefully crafted by one of the best wine-makers in the world.

The vineyard dates back to 1898, when Nicola Catena sailed to Argentina from Italy. He brought with him Malbec vines, which he planted near Mendoza beneath the Argentine Andes, convinced they would flourish at such a high altitude. Today, his grandson, Nicolas Catena, continues to perfect the Malbec taste and has been credited with raising the international profile of Argentine wine. 

Take a tour of the vineyard to enjoy some of the area’s most romantic scenery. The main building rises like an ancient Mayan step pyramid amid rows of vines. Be sure to get a photograph of the area at sunset. 

While you enjoy the view, savor rich and complex flavors at a Catena wine tasting. One of Nicolas’ main contributions to the vineyard is his revolutionary take on grape location and assemblage. Catena bottles feature a blend of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot grapes grown in different areas. Take your palate on a journey through the smooth and full-bodied flavors created in the Andes Mountains. 

Take a tour to the basement rooms to see the building’s interior architecture and the wine storage areas. Your English-speaking guide can answer any questions you may have about the vineyards history and techniques. 

Purchase a bottle of wine to take home from the Catena cellars. Pick from a range of well-refined reds, including the silky smooth Catena Zapata to the intense Nicasia Malbec. A selection of fruity white wines is also available. 

Bodega Catena Zapata is a 30-minute drive south of Mendoza. Tour fees often include transport from the city. Book tours online or by phone. Discover other wineries in the region, including Bodega Navarro Correas. 

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