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La Virgen de los Remedios Sanctuary showing heritage elements and mountains

Discover a beautiful colonial city with a collection of ornate churches and an ancient history that is inscribed into archaeological sites and cultural relics.

Cholula is one of Mexico’s most historically significant towns and is richly ornamented with colonial architecture and ancient landmarks. Situated on the city of Puebla’s western flanks, Cholula is comprised of two distinctive areas and diverse subdivisions of lively barrios (neighborhoods). Explore the town’s barrios and learn about the busy local calendar of brightly colored religious festivals and saints’ days. Visit Mexico’s largest pyramid and a fascinating archaeology park.

San Pedro Cholula is the district where you’ll find a wide selection of churches, museums and an archaeological zone. Start the day with a visit to the Plaza de la Concordia to grab a quick breakfast of traditional street food from the vendors that line the plaza. Check out the Doric columns, known as the Portales, on the plaza’s west side. Head north to find the Museum of the City of Cholula. Learn about the region’s habitation, which stretches back to at least 1,000 BCE.

Don’t miss seeing the Pirámide Tepanapa, also known as the Great Pyramid of Cholula. In terms of volume, this ancient structure outsizes the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. The archaeological site is testament to the city’s ancient history, which includes centuries of Toltec and Olmec rule. Learn about the Spanish ambush of the city and the Cholula Massacre, which was part of Hernán Cortés’ plan to conquer the Aztecs.

See some of these early colonial churches, such as the La Virgen de los Remedios Sanctuary, which is situated on top of the Great Pyramid, and the San Gabriel Monastery on the site of the former Quetzalcoatl Temple. Visit in November for the popular Concert of Church Bells.

San Andres Cholula is the heart of the town’s vibrant nightlife. Explore the neighborhoods of this district to find exciting clubs and bars, as well as fantastic local dining. Rise early to see clear views of the town’s surrounding volcanoes Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl.

Cholula is situated 9 miles (14.6 kilometers) west of Puebla, the capital city of Puebla state. Reach the town in less than an hour by bus, taxi or car from the capital city. Get around on foot or by bike in this compact town.

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