Coki Beach

Ample facilities and warm hospitality combine to make this one of the most appealing beaches on the island.

With miles of pristine coastline on St. Thomas, choosing which beach to go to can be a difficult decision. Coki Beach, with its wide range of facilities and picturesque white sands, is an obvious front-runner. Sip your favorite cocktail while you sunbathe and sample some sweet Caribbean snacks. Swim through shimmering water full of tropical fish or learn how to dive with expert instructors at the nearby diving school.

Beachside vendors rent out loungers. Recline beneath the tropical sun, close your eyes and listen to the sound of waves lapping on the shore or watch pretty boats sailing in the open bay.

When you begin to feel thirsty, simply look for one of the friendly beach sellers carrying buckets of cold drinks and delicious food. Treat yourself to a refreshing beer or try one of the island’s specialty snacks, such as a fried pastry filled with succulent beef. Other beach stalls sell handcrafted jewelry and offer hair-braiding services.

If the sun gets too hot, cool off in the calm turquoise waters. Play in the shallows and search for schools of colorful wrasses and snappers darting through the crystal clear water not far from the shoreline.

If you are keen to explore further, head to the dive center. Here, qualified instructors will guide you through the basics of diving before taking you out on a guided excursion. Plunge beneath the surface to discover a mesmerizing display of marine life, including reef sharks, rays and numerous tropical species.

Coki Beach is at the northeastern end of St. Thomas. The beach is a 20-minute drive northeast of Charlotte Amalie and just west of Coral World Ocean Park. Lifeguard cover is provided and taxis usually wait here throughout the day.

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