Cua Dai Beach

Hoi An’s local beach makes a refreshing change from the city, and the nearby Cham Islands are a great place for a day trip.

Cua Dai Beach offers respite from the heat and crowds of central Hoi An. It is located roughly 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) northeast of the city. The beach is a sizeable stretch of well-kept sand. Though it has its fair share of tourist resorts, Cua Dai is usually fairly peaceful and especially quiet during the week.

Designated sunbathing areas are reserved for resort customers but there is plenty of space so you won’t have trouble finding your own spot. If you’re seeking extra comfort, deck chairs and loungers are available to rent. The edge of the beach is fringed with palms, which offer plenty of shade from the midday sun.

The water at Cua Dai is clean and relatively cool. It’s great for swimming between April and October. Outside of these months it can become choppy and somewhat hazardous. When swimming, always look out for the red flags which indicate dangerous undertow.

Buy picnic items in Hoi An before you go or enjoy the food options at the beach. Kiosks on the way to the beach sell takeaway seafood and drinks, and the beach itself is lined with sit-down restaurants selling various fish dishes.

About 9.3 miles (15 kilometers) off Cua Dai is the Cham Islands. This is a small group of  islands inhabited by about 3,000 residents. The Cham Islands is a Marine Protected Area, which makes for beautiful snorkeling and diving among the coral. Get to the Cham Islands by taking the boat from Cua Dai. A junk will get you there in 75 minutes; a speedboat takes about half an hour. One of each leaves Cua Dai harbor daily.

A taxi to Cua Dai from Hoi An takes about 10 minutes. Alternatively, it’s an easy bike ride from downtown, along the Cua Dai road.

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