Dolphins Plus Bayside

Take a dive on the wild side to swim with dolphins and participate in sea lion training sessions at this Key Largo marine center.

Enjoy a variety of marine mammal encounters at Dolphins Plus Bayside. Discover more about dolphins and sea lions as you get closer to these fascinating creatures in their natural environment. Swim with bottlenose dolphins, become a marine biologist for a day and help a dolphin to paint a picture.

There are several programs to choose from. Get a kiss from a dolphin and enjoy a dolphin fin shake during the Structured Swim in the ocean water lagoon. Take part in a Natural Dolphin Swim where you will swim alongside dolphins, dive underwater with them and learn how to attract their curiosity. For both these programs, you need to be comfortable in water that is up to 15 feet (4.6 meters) deep. During the Shallow Water Dolphin Encounter, visitors wade into waist-deep water and are approached by dolphins for belly rubs and handshakes. This program is particularly popular with young children.

Let your artistic side flourish by helping a dolphin create an original work of art. During painting sessions the dolphins will choose their own colors and you assist their endeavors while sitting on a floating platform.

Among the marine center's other programs are summer camps, day camps and Trainer for a Day. You can also work as a marine biologist for the day, helping researchers collecting animal behavioral data. The information you receive will be fed into ongoing research projects.

Despite its name, the center isn’t only home to porpoises. Sign up for a Sea Lion Encounter where you can pet two male California sea lions and take part in their training sessions.

Dolphins Plus Bayside is situated in Key Largo. Arrive by taxi, buses or the Key Largo shuttle service. Drivers will find free parking onsite. The center is open daily and it recommends booking programs in advance.  For more details and a list of prices, visit its official website.

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