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Dom Bosco Sanctuary featuring interior views, religious aspects and a church or cathedral
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Feel the power of space and light in this monument to the utopian dream of St. Dom Bosco.

From the outside, the Dom Bosco Sanctuary looks like barely more than a mildly impressive concrete block. However, entry to this beloved monument reveals a remarkable space filled with heavenly blue light and stunning architectural feats. Take a moment to experience the unique beauty of this building and pay tribute to St. Dom Bosco.

This epic shrine was in fact built as a memorial to the dreams the Italian St. Dom Bosco had in 1883. The saint foresaw a utopian city that would lead a country in the new world to a just and noble future. Brasília and the Federal District were hugely influenced by this prophecy, even so far as being built between the 15th and 20th parallels as specified by Dom Bosco. Take a seat in the large main chamber and admire the celebration of this remarkable story.

Upon entry during the day, you’ll first be struck by an exquisite ambiance. Admire the hall’s huge windows, designed by Claudio Naves, which cover over 23,000 square feet (2,200 square meters) of wall space. Paneled with 12 shades of blue stained glass, they cast cerulean light into the large hall at all hours of the day. Delight in the combination of heavenly color and space as you relax on one of the hundreds of pews provided.

This atmosphere adds gravity to the significant statues and altars toward the front of the sanctuary. Pay your respects to a life-sized statue of Dom Bosco, alongside a pink, marble altar stone weighing more than 10 tons and adorned with an enormous cedar wood crucifix.

Although the sanctuary's blue ambiance requires daylight, visitors at night will not be disappointed. Enjoy an exhibition of light and intricate detail cast from the 7,400-piece chandelier hanging from the sanctuary roof. This golden spectacle was designed by architect Alvimar Moreira.

The Dom Bosco Sanctuary is free to enter and there are church services frequently. It is open year-round 24 hours a day. Get there by taxi or bus from Brasília’s Central Station.

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