East Side Gallery

Visit this monument along the Spree River to see more than 100 murals celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall and Berlin’s reunification.

The East Side Gallery is a memorial to Berlin’s reunification in 1990 and the fall of the Berlin Wall. The monument to Berlin’s freedom is a 0.8-mile (1.3-kilometer) stretch of the old Berlin Wall that was covered in colorful murals in 1990. Stroll along one of the world’s longest open-air galleries to experience the heartfelt and historical paintings.

Begin your walk along the East Side Gallery at Oberbaumbrücke (Oberbaum Bridge), the landmark bridge that crosses the Spree River and connects the Kreuzberg district to Friedrichshain. The East Side Gallery runs along the Friedrichshain side of the Spree, the border of former East Berlin, and transforms the memory of the Berlin Wall into a symbol of hope and freedom. The murals span the wall from Oberbaumbrücke to Ostbahnhof, a major train station.

Walk beside the long stretch of wall, which measures 12 feet (3.6 meters). Admire 105 paintings by artists from around the world. The first murals were painted in 1990, shortly after reunification. The murals champion freedom and depict a sense of hopefulness and euphoria for the future. Some images are satirical and some commemorative, but all are designed to be thought provoking.

In 2009, 100 of the original paintings were given a makeover when the artists repainted them.

The East Side Gallery is located on the Friedrichshain side of the Spree. Visit the gallery any day for free. The two ends of the wall are accessible by Berlin’s U-Bahn and S-Bahn network, as well as by bus, bicycle and on foot. 

Enjoy scenic views of the Spree from along the waterfront and the historic Oberbaumbrücke (Overbaum Bridge). The area around the East Side Gallery features some of Berlin’s biggest nightclubs and remains busy throughout the day and night on weekends.

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