German National Museum

Inspect the thought-provoking exhibits of Germany’s largest cultural history museum in a collection that spans from prehistoric ages to the present day.

The German National Museum (Germanisches Nationalmuseum) incorporates a vast trove of artifacts relating to the country’s cultural heritage. Totaling more than 1.3 million objects, the museum’s collection is one of the country’s most impressive holdings. Stroll through the museum complex, which merges an intriguing variety of architecture ranging from early 20th-century galleries to the late medieval cloisters of a former Carthusian monastery.

The museum was established in the late 19th century with the intention of exploring a unified Germanic culture after the failed German revolutions of the 1840s. Find out about the traditional unity of different regions, as well as their customs and artistic heritage. Make your way into the museum through its light-filled main foyer and learn about the beginnings of Germanic culture as you follow chronological exhibits of prehistoric artifacts. Peruse notable artistic and cultural relics that have helped to form Germany’s identity over the centuries. Go back in time to the Paleolithic Age and see artifacts from the times of Charlemagne when you explore the museum’s archaeological holdings.

In the museum’s collection of artworks, look for pieces by the High Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer and the German expressionist painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. The museum’s German Art Archive contains a large collection of German-related prints and manuscripts. Stroll through galleries dedicated to German architecture and design, as well as a collection with a focus on German craft through the ages. See decorative arts, furniture, musical instruments, textiles and science equipment attributed to German culture.

Wander through the Collection of Children’s Toys exhibit, which features 17th-century dollhouses among its collection of 20,000 items. Numismatic collections and weaponry spanning from the 11th to the 19th century are also on display.

The museum is located in the St. Lorenz district of Nuremberg’s Old Town. Reach the site easily via public transportation serving the nearby Nuremberg Opera House. The museum is closed on Mondays. Take advantage of reduced ticket prices for small groups and families. Guided tours in English are available on alternate Sundays.

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