Gold Rock Beach

Find out why this pristine stretch of white sand is often referred to as the welcome mat of Grand Bahama Island.

Gold Rock Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Grand Bahama Island. At low tide, this secluded beach’s clear waters extend for almost 75 yards (70 meters) into the sea. Swim in the shallow waters, bring a picnic and eat while you enjoy the view or simply relax with the opportunity to escape the crowds.

The beach is located in Lucayan National Park, which is protected by the Bahamas National Trust. Follow the well-marked trail leading from the parking lot, which will take you on a short walk along a wooden boardwalk. After passing through a short stretch of mangrove swamp, this pretty trail opens up to reveal the beach. Across the street, north of the beach, you’ll find the famous Lucayan Caverns, one of the longest surveyed underground cave systems in the world.

Admire the beach’s beautiful appearance at low tide, when waves create a signature rippling effect in the sand which locals have nicknamed their “welcome mat.” Walk to the end of the beach to see where Disney filmed scenes for two Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

The beach is an ideal place for a picnic and is equipped with barbecue pits, picnic tables and benches. Be aware that there are no other amenities at the beach and very little shade. Come prepared with enough food, sunscreen and water to last the day. The sandy beach is barely visible during high tide, so you’ll have to time your visit carefully to enjoy the white sands at their best.

With shallow waters and a large sandbar, the beach is also a perfect spot for swimming. Bring snorkeling gear and swim or take a boat to Gold Rock Reef to check out its abundant marine life. Stretch out on the beach’s soft sands or walk along the tranquil shoreline and look for sea shells swept in by the waves.

Gold Rock Beach is located on East Grand Bahama Island, 20 miles (30 kilometers) from Freeport. It’s easiest to reach the beach by car or as part of an organized tour. To get here, follow the Grand Bahama Highway.

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