Guinness Storehouse

A tour of this pint-shaped hall in a historic brewery provides an intoxicating journey through the making of Ireland’s signature drink.

The Guinness Storehouse pays homage to an Irish favorite. Go with the flow of the pint-shaped inner part of the first Guinness brewery and learn all about the history of the dark stout with its thick froth. This is where you’ll breathe in the aroma of hop and barley, learn how the stout is traditionally poured and to sample its bitter taste.

In 1759 Arthur Guinness Senior signed a 9,000-year lease on an old brewery. Ten years later the first beer was exported. Sir Arthur died in 1803, but several descendants took over. The last wooden keg was racked in the 1960s and steel kegs were used. Nowadays Guinness can be ordered in most countries, and millions of people do so every day. 

The Guinness Storehouse opened in 2000. Everyone is welcome, but it helps if you are a Guinness fan, or appreciate alcohol. Enter the building and you will immediately see the atrium on the top, where your free pint awaits. The first floors show the beer-making process and the history of Ireland’s famous brew. 

Compare brewing styles in the Tasting Laboratory. Get your “Perfect Pint Pourer” certificate after learning the essential steps. The glass Gravity Bar on the upper level gives you two tests: Can you pour your own perfect pint and can you still stand straight after drinking one? You’ll need the latter to take in the 360-degree view of Dublin on this level.

The storehouse, on James’s Gate, is open daily. The admission price includes a pint. Children receive a discount, but obviously no pint. Get memorabilia or a branded T-shirt in the Guinness shop. There are several dining options. Public transport or a hop-on hop-off tour may be a wise choice if you are going to drink.

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