Erlebnis Zoo Hannover

Watch animal feedings, see exciting shows and dine beside a rhino enclosure in one of Germany’s oldest and most fun zoos.

Erlebnis Zoo Hannover is a vast park with over 2,000 animals from more than 200 species. It covers an area of 54 acres (22 hectares) and has plenty of exciting activities for children and adults. Explore the various theme worlds that give the zoo its character and charm.

Bring your kids to the shows and feedings that take place throughout the day. See wolves feed in the morning and rhinos in the afternoon, followed by parrots, penguins and polar bears. Attend the seasonal shows in the Yukon Stadium, the Show Arena and other structures. In winter, the park is festively decorated and ice-skating and tobogganing are available.

Experience the African savannah in the Zambezi realm. See gibbons, chimpanzees and apes in the Kibongo area and view diving polar bears, seals and penguins in the Canadian-themed Yukon Bay. Asian elephants, tigers, leopards and snakes roam the Jungle Palace world, while kangaroos and wallabies hop across the Outback. Take kids to the petting zoo, slides and science center of the Mullewapp region.

Enjoy a meal or snack at one of the themed restaurants dotted around the park, such as pizzas in Zambezi and ice cream at Luigi Amarone. Try the typical Lower Saxon cuisine at the Meyer Inn. Meyer’s Beer and Coffee Garden contains a traditional German beer garden and is next to a playground for kids. Café Kifaru has terraced seating close to a rhino enclosure.

Note that this is one of the oldest zoos in the country, dating back to 1865. Over the years it closed several times due to financial troubles and it was severely damaged during World War II.

There is a fee for entry, with discounts for kids and young adults. Toddlers can enter for free. The park opens Tuesday through Sunday from morning until late afternoon.

Erlebnis Zoo Hannover is in the Zoo quarter in the eastern outskirts of the city. Ride a bus from the city center to the zoo to get here in about 25 minutes. Visit nearby attractions, such as the Eilenriede Stadium, its namesake forest and the Stadtpark Hannover.

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