This peninsula is considered by some as the northernmost point of Europe and features a monument and breathtaking views of the Arctic Ocean.

Hike along rocky terrain from North Cape to Knivskjellodden. Watch the natural phenomenon known as the midnight sun between mid-May and late July on a nighttime hike. Knivskjellodden is the northernmost peninsula on the island of Magerøya and sometimes considered the northernmost point of Europe.

Start your hiking journey from the famous North Cape, about 21 miles (34 kilometers) from Honningsvåg Port. This cape is known for its approximately 1,000-foot-tall (300-meter) cliff with a large flat plateau. North Cape Hall features a unique panoramic cinema that shows short films, including one about the four seasons at the cape. This area also includes a bar, restaurant and visitor center.

Knivskjellodden is located about 6 miles (9 kilometers) from North Cape. With rocky, unpaved terrain and steep slopes, it is perfect for intermediate hikers. Allow half a day for the round trip. Wear suitable hiking footwear and pack adequate water and food for your journey northwest from the cape.

Enjoy more remote natural beauty at North Cape. Stand on the cliff’s flat plateau and admire the large globe monument, erected in the late 20th century. Look out into the seemingly endless Arctic Ocean. This cape also features many exhibits on the history of the island. Stop at the Saint Johannes Kapell, a small, enchanting ecumenical chapel.

The panoramic cinema at North Cape shows wide-screen short films about the region’s stunning scenery and unforgiving landscape. Learn about the midnight sun natural phenomenon and the warm golden summer. The visitor center also organizes tours and features a gift shop with a large selection of books about the island of Magerøya.

The Knivskjellodden hiking trail begins at North Cape. Find the cape about 21 miles (33 kilometers) from Honningsvåg, a small fishing community on the southeastern side of the island. Oceanfront accommodations are available in Honningsvåg, along with small hotels, guesthouses and camping grounds.

The journey to Knivskjellodden from North Cape is a challenging hike; however, the breathtaking views of the Arctic Ocean are worth the effort.

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