Knysna Quays

Shop for hours in sleek malls, dine with spectacular views and take a boat charter out onto a lagoon from one of the most scenic harbors on the Garden Route.

Wander around the yacht-lined boardwalks of Knysna Quays for shopping in an atmospheric location, where boats of every size bob in the water around you. The picturesque waterfront is a prime location for hotels and lodges in the Garden Route town. Stay near the lagoon for quick access to the quays, where you can spend hours on spending sprees in malls or enjoy watersports on the tranquil lagoon.

Indulge in a shopping spree at Knysna Waterfront, an open-air mall packed with boutique stores and entertainment venues. Browse for vacation reading in bookstores or try on the latest fashions. Several shops selling South African curios offer visitors the chance to pick up unique, locally made souvenirs.

Savor your dinner in outdoor seating with views of the lagoon. Seafood is a specialty in this oceanfront location, where restaurants offer fresh oysters and calamari steaks. Some dining venues are even located on boats moored in the harbor.

Stroll down to the Knysna Yacht Club, where the clubhouse stands on stilts over the lagoon. Attend a party in this events venue or inquire about taking sailing lessons on a dinghy.

Splash out on a private boat trip leaving from Knysna Quays. Charter a yacht or speedboat and ride out onto the quiet waters of Knysna Lagoon. A narrow passageway between the Knysna Heads leads out into the open ocean, where you can spot southern right whales and bottlenose dolphins.

Buy a ferry ticket and travel to Featherbed Nature Reserve, which cannot be reached by car. This exclusive destination has walking routes across a scenic headland. Bring your camera for views of the quayside across the lagoon and the mountains in the background. An outdoor restaurant in the woods completes your journey in the reserve.

Knysna is a small town and can be explored on foot. Walk around Knysna Quays to soak up the relaxed coastal atmosphere. The quays are located in the south of the town, just below the old railway turntable.

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