Gaze into this naturally formed aquarium to see a vast diversity of tropical sea creatures living in the beautiful blue-green pools.

Limu is comprised of a network of rock pools where you can slip into the water and swim alongside butterfly fish and darting schools of parrotfish. Stretch out on the warm beds of flat stone and relax under the sun at this tranquil location near Namukulu Village.

Join the locals at one of their favored swimming holes or chat with other visitors enjoying a relaxing daytrip. Limu’s safe swimming conditions and stunning marine life make it a great spot for the whole family to enjoy.

Clamber onto the rounded rocks and weathered reef edges that split up the pools. From here, you can peer into the pools from above and spot flashes of iridescent color as the tropical creatures swim by.

Slip into the water and use a mask or a pair of goggles to spy magnificent butterfly fish and triggerfish. You might see small eels and sea snakes, as well as octopuses moving between the sponges and anemones. As you swim you might notice cloudy patches of water, which have been formed by rainwater filtering into the pools through the limestone rock face.

You can move between pools to spy on the creatures within or find a swimming spot that suits you. Leap from rock to rock or use the staircase that has been formed in the eroded rock.

After swimming in a selection of pools, take a rest on the warm stone that edges the water. Many of the rocks are smooth and flat, ideal for basking under the sun. Take in views of the long stretches of coral that continue out to sea or scan the horizon for dolphins leaping in the water offshore.

Limu is situated on Niue’s northwestern coast, about 5-minutes’ walk from Namakulu Village. Reach this village within a 10-minute drive from Alofi, the island’s capital. The pools are accessible at any time and can be enjoyed despite the movements of the tide.

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