Trg Marsala Tita

Linger in this busy square to enjoy attractive pastel-colored buildings and a pretty central fountain. 

Trg Maršala Tita is a focal point of Rovinj and an appealing place to relax and do some people-watching. Join others sipping coffee at café terraces, check out the fountain at its center and admire the historical architecture.

This public square was named after the former Yugoslavian dictator, Josip Broz Tito, who was in power from 1944 until 1980. Travel around Croatia and you’ll likely encounter other plazas with the same name, including one in Zagreb and another in Matulji.

Meander to the fountain in the center of the square, a popular gathering spot. It depicts a small boy holding a fish. Beneath the main sculpture are smaller fish spouting water from their mouths.

Inspect the reddish façade of the Rovinj Heritage Museum, which borders the square. This grand 17th-century building was a Baroque palace belonging to the Califfi counts. It houses an interesting collection of Croatian art, as well as various archeological objects.

Balbi’s Arch is located north of the square. This Baroque gateway marks the entrance to the old Venetian town of Rovinj. Look for intricate carvings of the Balbi family coat of arms and the winged Lion of St. Mark, a symbol of Venice, both located above the arch. At the north end, the square leads to Tri Valdibora, a small produce market. Pick up fresh fruit and vegetables at the stalls.

The square opens up onto the harbor and offers lovely views across to the islands of Sveta Katarina and Crevni Otok. With so many boats as well as people coming and going, it is a good place to sit back, relax and observe. Sip a drink or enjoy ice cream at the open-air terraces and let the square provide the entertainment, as people of all different styles and sizes pass by.

Trg Maršala Tita is located at the water’s edge on the Rovinj Peninsula. To get here, follow the main street of Grisia downhill from St. Euphemia’s Church. 

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