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Find a fabulous mixture of Baroque architecture, relaxing spa towns, spectacular national parks and a lively capital city in this less-visited state.

Get away from Brazil’s popular tourist trail and explore the riches of Minas Gerais. This landlocked state in the Southeast Region has colonial towns, spa resorts and the country’s largest collection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Minas Gerais is blessed with immeasurable natural beauty. It ranges from the coffee plantations of the west to the central mountains and the verdant landscapes of the Rio Doce valley

Visit the friendly state capital Belo Horizonte, one of Brazil’s first planned cities, which sits in the shadow of the glorious Serra do Espinhaço mountains. Browse the colorful food stalls at the Mercado Central and dine at the superb restaurants in the Lourdes neighborhood. Admire the architectural prowess of Praça da Liberdade. Watch a soccer match at the modern Estadio Mineirão.

Tour the collective of historic towns known as the Cidades Históricas, which showcase a beguiling repository of Portuguese-Baroque art and architecture. Two of the most important towns are the UNESCO-protected Ouro Preto and Diamantina. Equally as impressive are Congonhas, Mariana, Sabará and Tiradentes.

Travel to the state’s southern region and explore the Circuito de Águas (Water Circuit), an area home to several spa towns. Enjoy therapeutic treatments in Caxambu, Cambuquira, Lambari and São Lourenço. Discover picturesque lakes and waterfalls while walking and riding on horseback in the encompassing Serra da Mantiqueira.

Bask in in the boundless opportunities for outdoor adventures in unspoiled national parks. Hike through forests and to canyons and waterfalls in Parque Nacional da Serra da Canastra and Parque Nacional da Serra do Cipó. Marvel at dramatic rock formations at caves such as Gruta da Lapinha and Gruta de Maquiné. Cruise along and swim in the crystal-clear lake water of Lago de Furnas.

Reach Minas Gerais by flying to Belo Horizonte or catch long-distance buses from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Buses link Belo Horizonte with the state’s major attractions, although getting to the national parks is easiest via rented car. Hot summers and mild winters make this a year-round destination. Arrive at Easter, when the colonial towns explode in colorful celebration, or in February for the capital’s carnival.

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