National Library

Enjoy the books and history of this cultural landmark housed in a fascinating block-themed building.

Take a moment to visit the National Library and enjoy its cultural delights, both inside and out. Study selections from the library’s important collection of books or tour the building and learn about its significance for Brazil and the history of its intriguing design.

The National Library was established in 2008 and designed, like so many other buildings in Brasília, by the talented Oscar Niemeyer. Along with the National Museum of the Republic, it makes up the core of Brasília’s cultural sector and stands as tribute to the history and craftsmanship of Brazil as a whole. Be sure to stop by this noteworthy landmark along the city’s Monumental Axis.

You will first be impressed by the simple, yet captivating architectural design. In typical Niemeyer fashion, the building combines simple modern design and concrete blocks to set a firm line against the blue Brazilian sky. Take a walk around the structure and enjoy the view of the domed museum behind. Bring the kids to roller skate or cycle on the large concrete surfaces around these picturesque buildings.

After absorbing its beautiful exterior, explore the library’s collection of books and cultural relics. Although the collection may not be as large as some national libraries, comfortable study rooms and quiet areas are provided to look through some of the 300,000 items held here, most in Portuguese. For those wanting to do personal research or just take a break, free Wi-Fi is provided inside.

For an engaging education about the library, take part in one of the guided tours, which are held frequently every day except Sunday.

After a session of reading in the library, take a look at scientific processes and enlightening exhibits at the adjacent Museum of the National Republic. Explore some of the other architectural jewels along the Monumental Axis, such as the captivating Metropolitan Cathedral or the Three Powers Plaza.

The National Library in Brasília is open daily, except Sunday, and is free to enter. Access the cultural center by car or bus along the Monumental Axis.

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