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You owe it to yourself to visit Okinawa. Japan’s ancient secrets collide with the modern world to create a destination that is unlike any other you’ve experienced. It exudes all of the traditionalism and innovation you would expect from the birthplace of karate, and your eyes will be glued to the unique architecture here as you travel to visit vast outdoor markets, beautiful botanic gardens, and riveting natural landmarks. At certain times of the year, cherry blossoms cover the landscape with all the ethereal bliss of a watercolor painting. The travel gurus at are applying firm cuts to high prices on Okinawa hotels, so let us help you plan a cheap vacation in this enchanted corner of the world.

The Mystery and Beauty of Okinawa, JP

One thing you’ll notice immediately after arriving in Okinawa is the emphasis the people here place on ancestor worship and the connection between the past and present. Beyond that, once you taste the delicious traditional dishes made from tofu, seaweed, and seafood that are common at every meal, you’ll understand why the local population enjoys some of the world’s highest rates of health and longevity. Almost all of the homes here are adorned with lions or dragons that promise good luck and protection. Just beyond dry land, one of the world’s most abundant collections of coral reef flourishes in the ocean.

A Look at the Climate

The weather is generally very consistent in Okinawa. Temperatures remain above 68 degrees Fahrenheit for the entire year. It is rare for temperatures to spike above 85 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Such predictable conditions make it easy to explore local villages without worrying about feeling too hot or too cold.

Top Things to See in Okinawa

Create an itinerary with as much beauty as Okinawa’s famous cherry blossoms by visiting Kin Red Beach, American Village, Shurijo Castle, the Okinawa Aquarium, Pineapple Park, and Manza Beach. You’ll discover beautiful shops and expansive markets spread all over Okinawa, so leave yourself some time to shop. Let show you that staying at fabulous hotels in Okinawa, Japan can be affordable on any budget. Stick around for exclusive deals on rooms near some of the most popular attractions in this ancient and timeless destination.

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