Piazza Bra

Just within the city gates, find restaurants, bars and classic architecture in this sprawling square, which is one of the most visited sites in Verona.

Piazza Bra is the largest square in Verona and one of the best places in the city to watch daily life go by. Its position just inside the city gates means it acts as a welcoming ground for new arrivals to Verona. Lined with restaurants, bars and many of the city’s most iconic attractions, it’s no wonder Piazza Bra is busy at all times of the day. 

The square is so vast that some claim it to be the biggest in the country. For many visitors, the historic square is an introduction to the city as there are few better places to get a feel for Verona and orient yourself before exploring its sites. 

You can’t miss the square’s dominant feature, the enormous Arena di Verona. Once a battleground for Roman gladiators, this famous amphitheater is Verona’s most visited attraction and has hosted famous musicians such as Paul McCartney, Radiohead and One Direction.

Cross the piazza to reach the Palazzo della Gran Guardia. Admire the 17th-century architecture of this impressive building on the southern side of the square, which once housed the city’s guards.

Find the pink marble boulevard that cuts through the center of Piazza Bra. Here, you’ll find a large equestrian statue of King Vittorio Emanuele II. Nearby is the cascading Fountain of the Alps, a gift from Verona’s sister city of Munich.

At lunch and in the evenings, the outdoor dining patios of the many bars and restaurants that line the square become popular meeting places for locals and tourists alike. Pull up a seat at a table to enjoy some local wine and cuisine. Try a bowl of risotto with Italian salami, a specialty of the city.

Piazza Bra is located at the entrance to Verona and can be reached on foot, by car or by bus from all parts of the city. The piazza is open daily and admission is free.

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