Piazza del Ferrarese

Relish the wonderful view of the colorful docked boats from this port-side plaza lined by palm trees and medieval structures.

The Piazza del Ferrarese is the charming gateway to the old town zone from the old port. Overlooking the Augusto Imperatore waterfront, the square is partly pedestrianized and surrounded by several important landmarks. Come at night for the vibrant atmosphere and impressive views of illuminated boats out at sea.

The square is often the starting point for tours of the old town district, due to its position beside the port. Appreciate the arches of the Sala Murat, which holds modern art exhibitions. See the exterior of the old fish market.

Relax with snacks and drinks at one of the cafés in the square and enjoy views of the boats and fishermen at work in the harbor. The piazza also contains several bars, making it a popular spot for gatherings. Get swept up in the exciting vibe of the crowds that congregate by the bars and restaurants in the evening.

Peruse the various gift shops and boutiques surrounding the square, as well as Corso Cavour and Via Sparano. Visit the tourist information center to find out about events and activities. Enjoy a traditional Barese meal with ice cream for dessert.

Relax on a patch of grass near the waterfront in the shade of a palm tree. Venture through the narrow, winding alleys of the old town for a sense of Bari’s history and charm.

The plaza takes its name from a Ferrara merchant who lived in Bari in the 1600s and kept his warehouses in the square. You can see traces of the Roman Appia-Traiana road from the 2nd century in a roped-off area in the piazza.

The Piazza del Ferrarese is in the southeastern corner of Bari’s old town district. It faces the old port of Bari Harbor and is a short walk southeast from Bari Cathedral and the Norman Castle. Walk northeast from Bari Centrale train station to find the plaza, which is at the southern end of the Piazza Mercantile.

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