Plaza Monumental

Witness a passionate contest between man and beast in this postmodern arena near the beach. Visit the courtyard, restaurants and bars as well.

Embrace the local culture with a day watching bullfighting in Plaza Monumental. The large inverted dome next to the beach has been one of Tijuana’s icons for many decades. Regular concerts, boxing matches and other exciting events also take place in the arena, which can hold more than 21,000 spectators.

Take your seat in the historic stadium to watch a bullfight, an event that is one of Mexico’s longstanding traditions. Purchase tickets to one of the 40 private ringside boxes, which each fit six people. Watch the matador and the fearsome bull face off in the spacious ring. A typical fight, involving three matadors who each take on two bulls, can take up to 3 hours.  

Sit in the spacious courtyard outside and gaze up at the stadium, a fine example of postmodern classical architecture. The grand complex is home to a butchering hall, holding pen, infirmary and many other rooms. Dine at one of the restaurants and bars found inside the arena. 

English speakers may know the stadium, which was founded in 1960, as the Bullring by the Sea. Many world-renowned matadors have graced this stadium over the decades.

The high season for bullfighting in this stadium is from July to October. Fights start late in the afternoon. There is a price for entry to many of the events and musical performances. If you are at the plaza earlier in the day, combine your visit with a trip to the large stretch of beaches nearby. Relax under an umbrella or sunbathe in the Tijuana heat. Take a refreshing dip in the Pacific Ocean to cool down and enjoy the oceanfront restaurants, cafés and shops

Plaza Monumental is located just a few yards from the U.S. border in northwestern Tijuana. The Border Monument at the entrance to Friendship Park stands on the north side of the square, while the beaches and the Pacific Ocean lie to the west. Take a 10-mile (16.1-kilometer) taxi from Tijuana International Airport.

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