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Dine at one of the many restaurants, stroll along the lakeside boulevard and take a boat trip to nearby Love Island.

Packed with dining options, bars and children’s playgrounds, the Puerto Salvador Allende is a primary lakeside harbor of Managua. It is a restored and modern hub of activity that offers spectacular views of the water. Arrive for dinner at sunset to enjoy your meal against the picturesque setting of the darkening sky.

Embark on a leisurely stroll along the promenade with your family and capture photos of the excellent lake vista. Browse the various shops for souvenirs and gifts. Children can relax and play on the climbing frames, while adults enjoy the serene and picturesque backdrop.

Choose from the many food stands serving a great variety of culinary treats. Among the Nicaraguan specialties are corn-based dishes, tortillas and the famous gallo pinto, which consists of fried rice, sweet pepper and red beans simmered with garlic. Relax and eat in one of the 20 restaurants that adorn the port, ranging from affordable stalls to fine dining establishments.

Saunter along the portside boulevard and catch a glimpse of the boats docked in the harbor. Learn about the history of the port via the permanent photography display. The site opened in 2008 and was named after former Chilean president Salvador Allende. Rent a boat to take out on the water and visit the scenic Love Island, a little to the west in Xolotlán Lake.

Note that it is free to enter and walk around the port. It remains open at all times, although the hours of individual establishments may vary.

Puerto Salvador Allende is on the southern coast of Xolotlán Lake in the northern part of Managua. Ride a bus to a nearby stop or walk northwest for about 15 minutes from the Plaza de la Revolución to get here. You can also drive to the port and leave your car in its monitored parking lot for a fee. See other sights in the area, including the Paseo Xolotlán promenade, the Rubén Darío National Theater and the National Museum Palace of Culture.

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