Revelin Fortress

A large, 15th-century fortification built outside the city walls is now a museum, concert venue and nightclub.

Revelin Fort is a well-preserved stronghold outside the walls that was built to protect the harbor and the eastern part of the city. Today it houses a museum, and turns into a club at night and a festival venue in summer.

The oldest section of the fort was completed in 1462 to defend against attacks from the Turks. It was strengthened in the 16th century when the big threat was Venice, a major rival for control of the Adriatic Sea.
Delve into the city’s past at the Dubrovnik Archaeological Museum's two permanent exhibitions on the fort’s ground floor. The Early Medieval Sculpture exhibit features stone church furniture from the eighth to 12th centuries. They include altar balustrades, pulpits, columns and capitals. The Revelin exhibition explores the construction of Revelin Fort in the 15th and 16th centuries. The exhibitions are open daily except Wednesday.

The fort’s first floor is often rented to different organizations for conferences, presentations and events. If it hasn’t already been booked, you can walk around the spacious vaulted room to admire the architecture.

Make your way out to the vast stone terrace at the top of the fort to enjoy views of the old harbor. This vast open space often hosts concert performances during the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, held each year from early July to mid August.  

After dark the fort plays host to Culture Club Revelin, one of the city’s hottest nightspots. Local and international DJs play an eclectic mix of house music and hip hop until the early hours of the morning. The nightspot is situated inside the fort near the main entrance.

Revelin Fort is located on the eastern side of Dubrovnik close to the Ploče Gate, within the Old Town. The Old Town is a pedestrian-only area but is connected by bus to the outer suburbs, airport and harbor. The fort is open daily and there is an admission fee.

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