Rohan Palace

Examine historical artifacts and artworks in the museums of this 18th-century palace, which once hosted Louis XV and Marie Antoinette.

Rohan Palace is a grand residence with stately façades and an ornate interior. Once a royal abode, it now houses three fascinating museums as well as an additional gallery. Spend a day browsing the exhibits and galleries of the Museum of Fine Arts, the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Decorative Arts.

Before entering, examine the building’s elaborate window-lined façade, which looks out over the River Ill. Behind it lies the Strasbourg Cathedral with a tall spire that can be seen from much of the Grande Île.

Walk through the large archway and enter the main building to see its majestic halls. Learn about the intriguing history of the palace, which was commissioned by the bishop of Strasbourg in 1731. Since then, the mansion has hosted many famous residents and guests, most notably Marie Antoinette in 1770.

The basement of the building houses the Archeological Museum. See items from the collection of 18th-century historian Johann Daniel Schöpflin and inspect objects from the Paleolithic Era, the Bronze Age and Roman times.

On the ground floor is the Museum of Decorative Arts. Peruse its lavish Baroque and Rococo chambers and admire exquisite porcelain, gold and silver pieces from the Alsace region. The floor above has the Museum of Fine Arts, which includes paintings attributed to master artists such as Botticelli, Giotto and Piero di Cosimo.

A side wing of the palace houses the Robert Heitz Gallery where temporary exhibitions are often held. Check ahead to see if anything is showing here during your visit.

Each museum has an admission fee and closes on Tuesdays.

Rohan Palace is located to the north of the River Ill in the center of the city. Some of Strasbourg’s famous landmarks, including Strasbourg Cathedral and several other important churches, are nearby. To get reach the palace, ride the tram to the Langstross Grand Rue or Broglie stations. Both are less than 10 minutes’ walk away.

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