Royal Armouries

Discover the world of weaponry at this purpose-built museum, which contains the national collection of arms and armor from throughout the ages.

The Royal Armouries Museum is a comprehensive museum that displays a vast collection of weaponry spread across six galleries. Explore the extensive galleries and find displays of arms and armor organized into intriguingly curated exhibitions. Check out over 2,500 objects in the Hall of Steel or learn about the art of warfare and the history of hunting. Catch a live demonstration of jousting at the Tiltyard.

Enter the museum via Armouries Square, the small plaza fronting the museum by the waterfront. The collection was formerly on display in the historic Tower of London. Discover the gallery dedicated to war, which includes ancient and medieval warfare, as well as war between the 17th and 20th centuries. Within this gallery, you’ll also find the exhibition Peace – Farewell to Arms?, which imagines a future without arms.

Check out the hunting gallery, which follows the history of hunting from survival to sport. Another gallery focuses on Asian and the Ottoman Empire’s arms and armor. See a two-floor gallery that displays the equipment used for jousting. Peruse the items on display in the intriguing Self-Defence Gallery. As you move between the museum’s floors via elevator, you’ll return to the central Hall of Steel, where you can marvel at the mass displays of arms. Little ones can spend time in the Jester’s Yard while you explore the galleries. This play area has medieval costumes to play with as well as craft workshops and juggling lessons.

Head outside to the Tiltyard, which is an arena that runs along the banks of the river. You might catch a jousting tournament or military demonstration. For refreshments, you can visit the bistro, coffee shop or picnic area within the museum building. Stop by the museum shop to check out books and souvenirs.

The Royal Armouries Museum is located by the River Aire, near Leeds Dock. The museum is free to enter; however, some special exhibitions may have an entrance fee. It is open daily, except for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The museum is located to the east of the city center. It is a pleasant 20-minute stroll along the waterfront or a 15-minute bus ride from Leeds Railway Station. A multi-level parking lot is located nearby.

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