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Salvador Dali Museum
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Browse the surrealistic masterpieces of a world-famous Spanish painter in a remarkable building that perfectly suits the style of the art exhibits.

Salvador Dalí’s work is world famous because of its brilliant depictions of objects that seem to melt into human bodies or natural landscapes. The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg houses the biggest collection of his art outside of Europe.The waterfront building has a modern glass atrium reminiscent of a huge, flowing bubble. The design is by Yann Weymouth, but it looks like something Dalí himself could have created. In the evening the building is beautifully illuminated.If you want to get the full story behind the remarkable artist from Figueres and his works on display here, opt for a guided tour, which are free with admission, as are the audio guides. From the ground floor, gaze up and take photos of the helical staircase that coils upwards toward the glass ceiling. On the third-floor landing you get great views of the landscaped “Avant-Garden” surrounding the museum. Try to work out the labyrinth from above, before you navigate it on ground level later. You’ll find Dali’s oil paintings in the Tom and Mary James Family Wing. Chronologically arranged, these paintings give a fascinating insight into Dalí’s development as an artist. In the Hough Family Wing are various examples of Dali’s other artistic endeavors, including video, sculpture, printmaking and imaginative writing.After you have taken it all in, stop at the gift shop on the first floor. They claim to have the largest collection of Dalí-inspired merchandise in the world. The museum also has an on-site restaurant, Café Gala, a stylish space with a menu that includes Catalan-style meals and Spanish wine.The Dalí Museum is located in downtown St. Petersburg. It’s open daily, except Sunday mornings, Christmas and Thanksgiving. The admission fee includes parking and entry to all galleries and gardens. The Downtown Looper trolley stops at the museum and other major attractions in central St. Petersburg.

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