Palacio Salvo

Admire a tower building that combines an eclectic mix of architectural styles and then enjoy spectacular city views from an observation deck. 

In a city that boasts numerous impressive buildings, the Palacio Salvo (Salvo Palace) stands out as one of Montevideo’s finest. Marvel at the exterior that showcases a varied mix of architectural styles and then enjoy sweeping city views from a lookout deck. The Palacio Salvo is one of the true must-see attractions in Montevideo. 

Palacio Salvo takes it name from a family of three Italian-born brothers, who commissioned architect Mario Palanti to design the tower. Upon completion in 1928, the 312-feet (95-meter) tall building was the tallest in Montevideo and one of the tallest in South America. Originally designed as a hotel, today it serves as an office building and apartment block.  

Stand in Plaza Independencia for the best views and good photo opportunities of the building’s striking exterior. Note the fusion of architectural styles, including classical, gothic and neo-romantic. Check out the grand arcade that runs along the west side of the building. The building presents similarities with Palacio Barolo in Buenos Aires, also designed by Palanti and inspired by Dante Aligheri’s Divine Comedy.

Join a one-hour guided tour of the building to discover its history and legends. Learn about the Salvo family and the architect Palanti. Spot murals, stained-glass windows and sculptures of marine figures. Visit the first-floor Salón de Fiestas (Ballroom). Hear stories of a ghost that haunted the building’s seventh floor. Enjoy views from the rooftop terrace on the eleventh floor.

Round out your visit at the observation deck on the building’s top floor. Marvel at the panoramic views of downtown Montevideo, the picturesque Ciudad Vieja (Old Town) and city coastline. 

The Palacio Salvo sits on the east side of Plaza Independencia, which divides downtown Montevideo from the Ciudad Vieja. It is easily accessible via pubic buses and a hop-on hop-off tourist bus. While here, visit the mausoleum of General José Artigas, a military leader that fought for Uruguayan independence. Find the mausoleum beneath a statue of Artigas located in Plaza Independencia.

Guided tours in Spanish take place on Tuesday and Thursday. Purchase tour tickets at the building’s lobby. 

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