Creep into the extraordinary secret lair behind this cascade to see the ferocious carpet of water from every angle.

Seljalandsfoss is a picturesque waterfall that seems to burst from the peak of a cliff. It stems from the River Seljalandsa and drops 200 feet (60 meters) to the ground. Its landing point was once the ocean, but natural land recovery has shifted the base several miles toward the present coast. Marvel at the tall, slim spout of water that rushes from its summit.

Take exceptional photos, ideally with a waterproof camera, from the cave behind the waterfall. The path that leads around the back of the chute is usually muddy and slippery, so be careful and prepare to get your shoes dirty. Bring a raincoat if you don’t want to get soaked by the spray. Listen to the roar of the water echoing in the cave.

On sunny days, look for rainbows in the spray of the falls. Enjoy a pleasant walk along the grassy fields with wildflowers in bloom in spring. Sit with a picnic in view of the waterfall and listen to its calming flow from afar.

The cliff from which the water shoots was once the coastline of Iceland. Over the years, the country has claimed back miles of earth from the water.

Make sure to visit the nearby waterfall of Gljufrabui, which is partially hidden in a mossy cave-like canyon. Climb up a wooden ladder and peer into the water-filled abyss.

The waterfall is known internationally as a stop of The Amazing Race, a U.S. reality show. Fewer crowds congregate here than at the more famous Skogafoss. Come to Seljalandsfoss for a remarkable experience, given how close you can get.

Seljalandsfoss is just outside Storidalur in southwestern Iceland. It is accessible via the farm of Seljaland between the town of Selfoss and the nearby waterfall of Skogafoss. Drive here and park in the lot a short walk away.

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