Sukhna Lake

After a day exploring Chandigarh's bustling streets, take a stroll around this man-made lake that attracts artists, fishermen and boaters.

Feed your soul and savor a peaceful environment away from the busy city at Chandigarh's Sukhna Lake. This man-made reservoir has long been a source of spiritual calm for Chandigarh citizens, instilling peace with tranquil waters, pretty mountain surrounds and the sounds of local birdlife.

Sukhna Lake was created in 1958 by damming Sukhna Choe, a seasonal stream that brought water through the region from the Shivalik hills. The lake’s famed architect, Le Corbusier, predicted it would become an integral lifestyle feature of Chandigarh. His forecast came true.

Join throngs of visitors who come to the lake for inspiration or to escape from Chandigarh's urban rush. The lake promenade that runs around the banks offers views of the rugged Shivalik Hills. Stroll along the pathways or take to the running track to get your heart beating faster.

Enjoy a picnic by the water’s edge and then as you inspect the area, see how many species of birds you can spot. Storks and cranes are regular visitors, while the rare Siberian duck migrates through the region.

Watch painters attempting to capture the lake's colorful vistas and fishermen waiting for a bite on their lines. Rent a pedal boat for a ride out to the lake’s center. Because of its length and the stillness of the water, Sukhna Lake is also a popular spot for yachting and waterskiing.

Head to Sukhna Lake Club for a game of tennis and to swim in the indoor pool. You can also play a scenic round of golf at the adjacent course.

Visit the lake during the monsoon season to catch the Mango Festival, a celebration of the annual harvest. During these days, hundreds of fruit vendors set up stalls along the banks.

Sukhna Lake is located in eastern Chandigarh, just a short walk from the Rock Garden. If you are coming from central Chandigarh, arrive by rental car, taxi or rickshaw.

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