Sunset Point

Watch the changing colors of the hot air balloons, fairy chimneys and intriguing rock formations as the sun goes down beyond the horizon.

Sunset Point is known affectionately among locals and visitors as Göreme’s most beautiful vista. Watch the colorful hot air balloons illuminate the sky with a backdrop of fairy chimneys and diverse terrain. As its name suggests, the viewpoint is particularly charming in the evening as the sun goes down and turns the sky red and gold.  

The iconic multi-colored hot air balloons that are famous in this part of the world fill the sky in front of Sunset Point. Arrange your own balloon trip with a tour operator in Göreme so you can enjoy the extraordinary view in style from above. Savor the exceptional experience of floating over fairy chimneys and other bizarre rock formations.

Take a picnic to the site with some friends and family as you wait for the sun to descend below the horizon. You can buy juices and fruits from local vendors and rest on pillows that they arrange. This is also a popular romantic spot for lovers. For most of the year, it stays warm outside as the stars begin to appear in the night sky. 

Enjoy the effect of the setting sun on the fairy chimneys and their growing shadows. Look for the red rocks, which have a particularly enchanting effect at dusk.

The viewpoint consists of a wooden stage hanging off the edge of the cliff and supported by safety cables. See the bizarre natural formations on one side of the vista and the small houses on the other. Watch as day turns to night and the locals in the valley turn on the lights of their homes. The vista is always open to the public and has no entrance fee.

You will find Sunset Point in Göreme on the road that leads southwest toward Uçhisar. The walk, which is relatively easy, should take between 15 and 20 minutes. Due to its popularity among locals, ask for directions if you get lost. 

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