Superman Statue

Superman fans will love getting a photograph taken in front of this giant statue of the Man of Steel himself, dressed in his iconic red-and-blue guise.

Metropolis’ Superman Statue honors the town’s favorite fictional son, the superhero alter ego of Clark Kent. Check out this spectacular 15-foot (4.6-meter) bronze statue, clad in his signature Superman outfit. Looking commandingly over Superman Square, the Superman Statue is a great spot to stop and snap a photograph while in the official Hometown of Superman.

In the DC Comics series, Superman resides in a city named Metropolis, working undercover as a journalist named Clark Kent. The comics company designated the little town of Metropolis as the home of Superman in 1972 and the town has lauded its local superhero ever since. Stand beneath the enormous statue to get your photograph taken in front of Superman and share your vacation with friends and family. You can mimic the character’s pose and put on a heroic stance with your hands on your hips, although you won’t stand much taller than the statue’s knees.

Stroll around the square, taking in downtown Metropolis’ historic architecture. The Superman Statue stands directly in front of the town’s heritage red-brick courthouse. It is a great introduction to the Super Museum, which is located on the adjacent corner. Explore galleries of comic artworks, movie props and original collectibles at this extensive museum dedicated to the DC Comics superhero. Stroll north to find another public monument to the Superman series. Superman’s romantic interest, Lois Lane, appears in the series as his colleague at the Daily Planet newspaper office. A statue of the character, played by actress Noel Neill, is located two blocks away.

The Superman Statue stands fronting Superman Square in the heart of Metropolis. Visit the colossal superhero on a stopover when journeying along the Ohio River Scenic Byway, which runs along the street one block east of the statue. Free to visit at any time of the day, the statue is central to the fun-filled Superman Celebration, which occurs annually in Metropolis in June. This community festival features an exciting program of events for families and fans alike.

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