The Nizam's Museum

Take a trip back in time at this old palace to see how one of India’s former ruling monarchs lived.

The Nizam’s Museum is based in the Purani Haveli, the palace of the former monarchy. The museum showcases the antiques and souvenirs of the affluent Nizam family. The collection includes gifts from visiting heads of state, such as pieces of gold and early 20th-century vintage cars. Take a guided tour around the museum and learn about the culture and history of Hyderabad.

The Nizam family ruled the state of Hyderabad for 224 years, starting in the 18th century. The museum was created at the command of the seventh and final Nizam.

Capture photos of gold and silver gifts from foreign ambassadors and heads of state. Peruse the family heirlooms and antiques on display in the museum, such as an ancient perfume bottle and a jewelry box studded with pearls. Admire the charming model of the city of Hyderabad, complete with tiny buildings, roads and parks. Take a look at the vintage cars, such as the 1930 Rolls Royce and the Jaguar Mark V. There are also extravagant paintings and maps in the exhibition.

Look inside the walk-in wardrobe where the Nizams’ kept their clothes. The extravagant armoire is 176 feet (54 meters) long. You can peruse recreations of the 19th-century dresses and garments on display. The Nizam wore each item of clothing only once before they were thrown away, so no originals are left. Use the 150-year-old elevator that still functions manually.

The Nizam’s Museum is located in the center of Hyderabad, near the Musi River. The Purani Haveli and Mir Alam Mandi bus stops are right next to the attraction. You can also take a train to Dabeer Pura Station. While you are in the area, consider visiting the Salarjung Museum, an interesting attraction near to Purani Haveli.

There is an entrance fee to the Nizam’s Museum, as well as a charge if you want to use your camera. The attraction opens in the morning and closes late in the afternoon. The museum is closed on Fridays.

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