Triveni Ghat

Enjoy a mesmerizing display of music and light on the banks of India’s most sacred river, where pilgrims come to pray and dip in the holy water.

Admire vibrant statues and fountains of Vishnu and Krishna at Triveni Ghat. Take part in the Maha Aarti when music is played and the river is brought to life by a fleet of shimmering oil lamps.

Triveni translates to mean the confluence of three and this ghat marks the point where three holy rivers, the Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati, meet. It is a popular Hindu pilgrimage site with the water here believed to have the power to wash away your sins and purify your soul.

Wander along the tranquil river bank and view an array of spectacular statues and fountains. The largest of these depicts the Lord Krishna riding in a golden chariot that is being pulled by three white horses. Set on a high plinth by the water this statue is visible from all around the area. Take a seat by the river and gaze along the valley or practice some yoga in peace.

Take the opportunity to be a part of the aarti. This ceremony takes place during the early evening and has a friendly, festival atmosphere. Chanting is accompanied by the beating of drums and ringing of bells as torches light up the night sky. This atmospheric experience is capped with the placing of small oil lamps on leaf boats that are then floated down the river. Set against the dark water this creates a truly unforgettable scene. You can purchase the diya lights from nearby shops although bear in mind that pollution on the river is an ongoing problem so try and keep waste to a minimum.

Triveni Ghat is approximately 3 miles (4 kilometers) north of the center of Rishikesh. Walk along the river or come by tuk-tuk. You can visit the site at any time and there is no fee to take part in the aarti.

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