Tyn Church

While in Prague’s Old Town Square, visit one of the most visually stunning religious buildings in Europe.

The Roman Catholic Týn Church (Týnský Chrám) seems as if it belongs in a fairytale. Its style is ornate, with Gothic spires, Renaissance decorations and baroque interior. The iconic place of worship is one of the most photographed attractions in Prague. Visit Týn if you are interested in architecture, history or religious iconography.

Týn Church has been an active church since the 14th century. The full name of the cathedral is Our Lady Before Tyn.

The best place to view the church is from the Old Town Square, where you will see the building in the context of the medieval town center. Start by walking around the church to get a feel for its scale. The Ungelt is the walled merchant's courtyard behind it. The two towers on the face of the church reach 260 feet (80 meters). Each is adorned by four thin spires.

While its exterior is what makes it famous, the church is equally rewarding inside. Enter not through the main entrance, but through a small, slightly hidden door facing the square.

You can attend one of the many masses held each week. The cavernous interior of the church always offers a peaceful escape from the bustle of the busy Old Town Square.

Visit the church between services to explore its intricacies, like the oldest pipe organ in Prague. The paintings by Karel Škréta that decorate the altarpiece date back to the 17th century.

Týn Church is located in the Old Town Square and is easily accessible by both tram and metro. Entrance is free of charge. The church is open every day, however, the hours often change so check before attending. You can’t take photographs inside the building.

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