Vaduz Castle

Set atop a pretty green hill above the tiny capital city, this rugged castle has a fascinating history that is complemented by its stunning mountain surroundings.

Stroll through corridors of thick, bushy trees and learn about the monarchy of this proud nation at Vaduz Castle. Stand beneath vast ramparts and imagine the great battles that have taken place here. Sit back on the grass and gaze toward the jagged outline of the distant Alps.

Records suggest that a structure may have stood on the site of Vaduz Castle from as early as the 12th century, with living quarters added around 1287. Catastrophe struck in 1499 when the castle was burned almost to the ground by Swiss soldiers in the Swabian War. The structure was slowly rebuilt over the following years. The emperor Franz Josef II moved into the fully renovated castle in 1939. Today explore the structure that lives on as the royal residence, with Prince Hans-Adam II controlling national operations from within the thick stone walls.

Make your way up the gentle slope toward the castle. The noise of the city fades away and is replaced by the rustle of branches around you. As you walk, you will encounter a succession of signs and displays that provide information about the nation’s monarchy in both past and modern-day Lichtenstein.

As you approach the building, admire the vast ramparts that are fitted with small medieval portals. Look up toward the spire of the tall central tower and peer beyond this to the residential area marked by several charming white buildings.

Take a seat on the grass opposite and absorb the spectacular views in each direction. The snow-dusted Swiss-Austrian Alps provide a beautiful backdrop to the south while the Rhine Valley stretches out for miles to the north.

Vaduz Castle is about a 20-minute walk southeast of the city center. Come at any time; however, note that admittance to the interior is restricted as the castle is still the home of the royal family.

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