Stroll along the coastal boulevard and visit the collection of shops and restaurants on the main strip in the charming town.

Esperanza is a quaint coastal town overlooking the Caribbean Sea. It has a lovely waterfront with pristine beaches and a dynamic strip of restaurants, bars and guesthouses. Walk along the boulevard with your family and visit the various establishments for a glimpse into the local culture and activities.

Take advantage of the tropical climate with a trip to the beach. The rains tend to come between August and November, leaving the rest of the year dry and hot. Spend the afternoon at Sun Bay, which is the main urban beach in the town’s eastern outskirts. Enjoy snacks and refreshments at the small restaurant and relax in the shade of a palm tree. See the wild horses and stay overnight at the campsite.

You can also stay in one of the guest lodges available in the center of Esperanza. Stroll down the Malecón waterfront, which is bordered by a yellow-and-white wall. Browse the range of clothes, jewelry and accessories for sale in the markets overlooking the narrow sandy strip. Chat with local artists about their works and consider purchasing them as souvenirs.

This strip has a great range of restaurants, from budget stalls to fine cuisine. Gaze out over the horizon to see the offshore cays and the Monte Pirata rock formation to the west.

Among the town’s highlights is the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust, which lies on the main strip. Learn about the culture and history of the island in this small museum.

Note that the name of the town is Spanish for hope. Find it on the southern coast of the island of Vieques, a little west of the center. Take a ferry to Isabel II and drive a rental car south for about 15 minutes to get here. Visit nearby landmarks, such as Navio Beach, the Punta Negra and the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge.

Esperanza is a fun and eclectic town with a picturesque coastal boardwalk and Caribbean beaches.

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